This year 2016, we present the Early Music Festival La Vila del Joy’s second edition between October 30th and November 6th. This festival offers a magnificent opportunity to enjoy the rich and varied repertoires of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque, in two of the historical and emblematic buildings of Vila Joiosa:- the Gothic Church of the Asunción built in the style of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar of Barcelona and the stately home “La Barbera” that the Aragonés family built in the 17th century.

Vila Joiosa has one of the most important architectural heritages of the Valencian country. The city has one of the best preserved historical centers of the era of the Renaissance, where we find the church of the Asunción. But the old town is not the only jewel of the city, because in recent years there have been a large number of finds, of remains of the Iberian period (of Phoenician, Egyptian origin) and, especially, of the Roman era.

In this second edition of the Festival, five groups will take part in four concerts that will cover more than five centuries of music from the 12th century until the 18th. These groups are LUCENTUM XVI, EVO, Cor de Cambra L’ALMODÍ, MEDITERÀNIA CONSORT and VESPRES D’ARNADÍ. In each of these groups we will find musicians and soloists who are regulars at the prestigious festivals of classical, ancient music and world music of Europe, America and Asia.

“Joy” is an old Catalan word which according to the Catalan-Valencian-Balearic Dictionary of Alcover means joy, and gives us some examples such as those of the Chronicals of James I by Ramon Muntaner: Ab joy e ab delit vos téngon en sa guarda (With joy and pleasure he has in his care).

We invite you to participate in La Vila del Joy (The town of Joy) for the art, history and culture, rediscovering old instruments and music performed with delicate passions and contrasting emotions.