La Finca de la Barbera is an ancient country house at the end of the 16th century, that over time was transformed into an elegant mansion of the 19th century. It belonged to the important Aragonés’ family, who arrived in Vila Joiosa in the Reconquest. They held high political positions and important military responsibilities between 13th and 20th centuries, especially in the Succession War between 1701 and 1715. In this war, the main rich families abandoned the town to follow King Charles of Habsburg, but the Aragonés’ family remained and furthermore, gave a big loan with interest to the municipal government in order to pay a big sum of money to the Bourbon Army in order that these did not plunder the town.

Saló Don Pedro de la Finca la Barbera

Sala del concert de Mediterrània Consort el dissabte 5 de novembre a les 20h.

Aforament: 100 persones